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Built at the FBM Boatyard, Cowes, Isle of Wight by a construction team under Jason Akers, Brandon Linton and project manager Paul JenningsIn a crucial mental shift, a growing number of European industrialists and financiers now accept the economic case for unfriendly bids.

The Champs Elysees hosts millions of tourists every year and sports a growing number of luxury outlets like the flagship Louis Vuitton store and US clothes retailers such as Abercrombie Fitch and Banana Republic.The credit crunch, enhanced frugality and easy web access have seen people swapping and bartering with a gusto not seen since global capitalism was a twinkle in Adam Smith’s eye.

An hour away in Anscona, an equally eyepleasing waterfront scene greets visitors lolling on the promenade that borders Lake Maggiore.
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There’s no denying his use

This was once arid grassland the realm of rabbits and sheep.

Just pay your monthly fee and you’ll use a network of doctors who will charge you less for their services.Cozy, cozy, but not waterproof.

ESCARPIM o curinga dos sapatos de salto.Es el vestido perfecto para cuando “no sabes que

ponerte” en cualquier ocasin.”

Although Liu Hui this trip home did not allow Liu Pui Shan took out the account of this, but it is obvious progress has been made, after all, Lau Pui Shan loose mouth, and give them room to maneuver.They are as Bob Simon repeatedly referred to them on a recent segment of Minutes II.How in the world did she become a lawyer and still be so ignorant.
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To find out more about initiative go toThere are a lot more consumers and they are demanding a lot more services.There are nothing more to me than a preview of what to buy and a listing of the websites to buy them from.His work for numerous other publications quickly became fine art exhibitions, ad campaigns, documentaries, and music videos, and he’s found brilliant ways to connect his work with philanthropic efforts.

In East Germany, the party merged with the Social Democratic Party to form the Socialist Unity Party which ruled East Germany until the nation’s collapse in 1991.
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She said that was strike three and it was time to end itI set out to have those new designers available in markets where they may not already add it up, it does take a large amount of resources to produce a small amount of silkby some estimates, 35 pounds of silk from an acre of mulberry trees.Guess I’d rather be a silly looking middle aged gay cartoon than an even sillier looking straight bastard with no loyalty or integrity.Casino mogul’s Wynning formula

LAS VEGAS For five years, casino developer Steve Wynn has labored over his latest creation, the $2.

Like fast living, fast cars and leisurely golf games.And mandatory Chapel.He advertised for a flatmate online and I went through this rigorous interview process.It is based on the design of an 18thcentury French rosewood and mahogany commode and takes six months to handcraft.
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Vievolimda idem breod togaThe pretentions and foibles, to mention nothing of the gobbledygook theoretical justifications that accompany all the neoDuchampian bollocks, provide many occasions for amusement, mockery, and parody.

The city has witnessed leading premium and luxury international brands like Louis Vuitton and Armani, amongst others establish their presence.”We have seen a dramatic surge in our Internet media business in the last six months, with our streaming solutions being utilized for largescale, global events such as the.These types of footwear weren created specifically to grow to be set on through individuals with supra inside of their ft, nevertheless they fulfill a number of of the requirements linked with why is a wonderful footwear for this perform.The picture showed his sunglasses (the ones that he always wears in pictures,) an iPhone, a Louis Vuitton wallet and a handgun.
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We all use the cheap louis vuitton, you doSo what about his past modeling contracts.Sugar Hoot mixes design

is a baker with a designer’s flare.We’ll never know,” Yang reminisces.I guess its time to get off the bus.

For his spring couture show for Givenchy, Riccardo Tisci, one up majority of the fashion designers by having an allAsian lineup.This is not to say don’t enjoy yourself you are in college, after all.

This isn’t a groundbreaking marketing ideabig film coming up, you’ve already got a product tiein to one of the characters, so plug her again and ride the film’s publicity and boon in related Internet searches to see the sales needle get a liftso why aren’t more people doing it.

As for the material, crocodile and fur and shearing are in this season.Your nerves will disappear when you

Have Fun OnStage.
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Con i mancati Diciannove anni Quaranta agli anni Sessanta, Gucci Roma trotto destra, fuori dalla borsa con manico di bamb fogli, incorporare un metallo prezioso senza fine formatori anello molto morbido, gioielli serigrafato e un certo numero di design tradizionale e stile, il tipo di esso ha soluzioni e oggetti anche buone, sono un ticker in magnificenza e anche di lussoIt isn’t meant to replace their favorite boutiques, just supplement their overall upscale boutique shopping experience.
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Michael Knight, the museum’s senior curator of Chinese art, and DrSilver, has revealed secrets to tapping into our own powers of healing.She sued the City of New York and received a reported $15 million in compensation.

Si los recursos y los contenidos que utilizamos son ms propios de un Museo, convertimos los escaparates de la calle en vitrinas de Museo y elevamos tambien a este nivel, todo lo que coloquemos en ellas.Make a fashion statement with branded accessories like handbags, clutches and jewelry.Fluid dresses were embossed with crocodile scales.(Suggested song choice: Christian Louboutin Pumps Delic Suede Navy”You’re So Vain.In a statement, eBay spokeswoman , said Monday’s ruling “confirms that eBay acted reasonably and has adequate procedures in place to effectively address counterfeiting.

My parents an cheap louis vuitton handbags d Rosanna are making their way toward us through a throng of tourists in identical yel

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Her father buys her a BMW as a gift on the show”

Beckaa describes herself as “outspoken” and someone who doesn’t take life too seriouslyCorporation, Houston).Someday around for 1983, Lv cooperated using th.The snow, the green buds coming off the willow bushes and the blossoming love in the two dogs’ eyes all spell springtime.Not to forget the boys of Hana Yori Dango who are younger than I expected din.

Teen superstars Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Tisdale were at the The Weinstein Company’s 2013 Golden Globes After Party posing up a storm.And while some other billionaires featured here have diverse interests from aerospace to waffle irons, Lakshmi Mittal diversifies chiefly in geography: Mittal Steel interests range from Ukraine to the United States, making it the world biggest steel producer.
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January February March April May June July August September Do you offer a printable

Monthly Planetary Info New Moon (Amavasya): July 1st 8:55 am GMT July 1st 4:55 am EST Partial Solar Eclipse Full Moon (Purnima): July 15th 6:40 am GMT [Freeing the Mind][Self Development Contents]

[Astrology Pages] Curious about what the future holdsHere the Birkin and Kelly bags in myriad shades were lined up.A large sweets selection runs 5050, at least for this sugar hound.I’ve tried inputting the same credit card information as before, but it failed on me.Also, its a statement bag because of the offcolor leopard print which is very big this season.

What did your family first think when you said you were going to be on the show.You might be thinking that this sounds like Dior and Galliano but Mr.There is no age discrimination or medical restrictions, which make this plan ideal for everyone.
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I was yesterday eveningYeah, right.

Les proches de la chanteuse originaire de Boston ont diffus le communiqu suivant: “Tt ce matin, nous avons perdu Donna Summer Sudano, une femme aux talents multiples, le plus grand d’entre eux tant sa foi.Later that night, the couple was spotted again this time at West Hollywood’s Chateau Marmont where they celebrated Robert Downey Jr.It was stupid, it was naive to think that this was an acceptable form of slang you hear it all the time on tv and radio, then your idea of what is normal apparently shifts but it was especially misguided: there was no malice behind it.One more tiny thing that caught my focus was the use by new harmony of flat laces and lace holes which help make the sneakers and the laces look united.And you wouldn’t believe how fetching I look in a burqa.
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And to all those breakfast skippers, Kerri has an important message: “Never, ever skip breakfastThey were considered to be attempting to arrest and control their own people.Also another correction: Mat Maid NEVER received a subsidy from the State nor any other dime in over 20 years of operation since the bankruptcy.Some stability.

Brown’s five tests for continued involvement tackling corruption, moreAfghan troops, economic development, internal political reconciliation andbetter AfghanPakistan relations are sensible.
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Nous montrerons de nombreux exemples en introduction

As Nicola Vassell, director of The Pace Gallery (in a lovely ochre Stella McCartney skirt), noted: “You’ve got to look good if you’re selling million dollar art.I like to dress her up.They were just open spaces.

It also because they being designed by one particular person, or group of people as opposed to something that is more generic that is not designed by one particular person or group of deisgners.thinking about their earnings ability, it is much better to purchase an imitation within of the originals, as these replicas are not unpleasant plus they do last practically as lengthy since the genuine ones.

Despite his legal woes and sex scandal, Berlusconi centreright coalition has been gaining in the polls since he actively began campaigning.
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The Paris Truimphal Walking Tour is popular, as are several Paris by Night toursResidents in the northern cantons of Switzerland never regret that their troops seized the lands of Ticino from the Milanese in the early 1500s, giving them both a strategic buffer for its alpine passes and a sunny, incountry vacation destination.I’m watching them reach into their Louis Vuitton’s and peel off $20s and $50s for their purchases trying to figure out how on earth they plan on getting their AAA boobs into the massive pushup bra they were buying.You might be capable to choose the Louis Vuitton term (time time period of 15,20,25,30 and even 40 a long time), documentation sort (full or stated), the option to get a decrease charge through the acquire of low cost issues, and which business very best fulfills your demands.
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The internet is where she reveals the more prosaic moments of a model’s existence, responds to fans and airs grievances against the industryI wrote about Ruby having a big old lump on her chin while we were vacationing at the cabin and having to cut it short because she needed surgery to remove the lump.

Highlight your eyes with eyeliner under your waterline, light mascara to accentuate the full length of your lashes and eyeshadow to compliment your eye colour/outfit.Okay, that may have just been me.McConnellCoach Outlet Online has made it clear that future deficitCoach Outlet Onlineat best, about joining the BidenMcConnellCoach Factory Onlinedeals should be done through “regular order”Coach Outlet Online Congressional committees, Senate and House debatesCoach Bags Outletand open negotiations, not privateCoach Factory Outlet Onlinetalks.
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I think the key is to really listen to what our body and soul want and to let go of the idea of getting the cheapest product possibleNot that it wasn’t beautiful: but, really, where would you wear it, unless to the next wedding.

Her name is Thelma Edwards, but everyone calls her Tim.The western trend i si ntroduced with the accompanying cream satin drapes that hang between each pillar.For the finest in Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Prada, Gucci, St.Mylute, Rosie Napravnik, Tom Amoss, 51 6.

What does knowing this informat fake louis vuitton bags ion on the company tell you

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The economic role of property rights is to protect and thereby encourage investments in valuable assets and facilitate their exchange, and thus competitionThe reason for this is that Louis Vuitton uses one continuous piece of leather that wraps around from the front to back, without a seam on the bottom and so, the backside has upside down logos.of the 11 challengers have been eliminated from contention, with Shosholoza and Areva joining that group yesterday.1 of the Protocol Governing the 34th America’s Cup, the Golden Gate Yacht Club has announced the following as tentative dates for the 34th America’s Cup to be held in San Francisco:

13 July 2013 1 September 2013: The Louis Vuitton Cup the America’s Cup Challenger Series; and the Defender Selection Series (if held)

7 September 2013 22 September 2013: The 34th America’s Cup Matchsubject to whether the America’s Cup Match (Finals) is won in five races, or goes the full nine races; if required, racing will continue beyond 22 September 2013 until a winner is determined.
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Pour les filles, il y a des chaussures uniques, plein de coloris et de modles au choix des prix trs raisonnables

Courtney, wearing a calf length emerald green dress with plunging neckline, covered her face when The Sun asked her what help she could be to the police.That’s an innate talent, having style like that., Raptis used similar airplanes to teach Army Air Corps pilots to fly during the war.In the 1950’s the state decided to speed up the process, through the massacre of the railways by Beeching.
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Our intuitive awareness of danger will let us know not to trust the smiling stranger even while our love/hate relationship with “fear” tries to confuse the issue

But Burwood mayor John Faker was offended by Provan’s comments.Thinking and doing have been separated, so neither can offer fulfilment.

It does not produce a distinction how trendy your real custom made handbag is, it wouldn transit a noticeable examine if one can come all through malformed blotches or stains for that facial belonging for that bags.ralph lauren uk is a worldwide leading manufacturer of precision polished crystal and has stood for highest quality and innovative, as well as classical, de.Show your support for Mother Nature use recycled tote bags when shopping.Its literal translation means “look at me”.The only thing you’re likely to miss is the better part of your life savings after a visit.
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It isn’t as if Burt’s going to gather a group around himself and become powerfulIt’s both obvious and memorable.With names such as Paul Smith, Diesel and Hugo Boss amongst their ranges, this website offers an exquisite range of cost effective designer clothing.I’m sure he and other top of line industry analysts would love to update you about what they’ve been saying ad nauseum over the years.85 against the dollar while China’s yuan headed for its biggest weekly gain in three months.

But there are things out there that are smarter replica louis vuitton handbags than us

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Paris Fashion Week gave us ooh la la fashions for Spring

So many of the gifted designers of all time launched their Spring/Summer 2013 Collections to the aweinspiring praise of their audienceThirtythreeyearsold, still creating art.Easy, I thought.The account managers will take care of all your Women’s Clothing, Clutch questions, inquires and help you manage your account.

“Being a Virgo means I’m quite particular,” she explained.

It was Reiha’s bright, handmade banner that caught de Nora’s eye during the tension and tactics of last year’s America’s Cup.Let the Velcros cool down and then whisk them out.Availability limited so get tickets fast.

Rachael Ray, 44, who began her career on the candy desk at Macy’s, has won two daytime Emmy awards for outstanding talk show (entertainment) and was recently filmed with Michelle Obama promoting the Let’s Move campaign promoting exercise and nutrition among children.
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The achievement is unbelievable in so many ways, and nothing “legal” owe any due at allWinter on Collins

It’s an odd time of year on Collins Street’s Parisien end where freezing winds whip and shivver through the plane trees spidery twigs, and Melbourne’s chicest dash in black from sale to sale.

“I am heavily involved in community theater I did two shows at 17 before I was even old enough to join and recently produced four shows, been a director and sat on several committees.

Sumo Print First Edition BooksExhibition Sumo print, hand printed first edition of each of Craig McDean’s three books

LimitedEdition Pav Diamond RingDavid Yurman Signature pinky ring in 18K white gold adorned with 2.When I viewed this ad, all I had were questions, but no answers.As the newest face of Christian Dior, she was lucky enough to wear an haute couture gown by the French fashion house’s new creative director Raf Simons, and Chopard jewels including a fine necklace that cascaded down her back.
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It really isAll the best to you, you do have a unique look that is good for modeling now you gotta work on yourself.Menariknya, restoran ini membolehkan anda menghirup udara yg nyaman di samping melihat kapal2 sedang berlabuh di Pelabuhan Utara, Port Klang.Both the dog’s kennels were labeled front to back with emergency numbers, flight information and warnings.If we were forced to use Americans, we would be forced to develop those sailors.
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We walked out of the store, Matt with his new tie and me with the song “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” by Deep Blue Something stuck in my headThe cause why it can become a hundred several years manufacturer lies in that it can allow shoppers get pleasure from the aristocrat quality.The labyrinthine Glorietta offers a good mix of high street brands (Zara, Mango, Marks and popular local chains (Bench, Penshoppe, Bayo, Plains Just G), as well as trendy fashion at The Ramp (Glorietta 3).So you have to do it right all the time.Only 13 will be available worldwide.

Christie administration warns it might not make full pension payment in future yearsOpinion: Legalizing marijuana would send the wrong message to kidsRutgers names Julie Hermann new athletic director.
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For one thing, the roads have improved since Jane Austen 😉

Su salida consiste en un la armnica unin entre la bergamota, la lavanda, la menta y notas verdes, una unin que se funde en el corazn con el jazmn, la orqudea y la fresia.Virtually all major markets worldwide are in some type of meltdown now with luxury brand consumers noticeably reducing their spending.Sheon Wilson

It doesn get more classic than the black and white trend for spring.Every day, Anne would complain to Peter about More COMMENT: Should foreigners be allowed to protest in Singapore.Dogs and cats are spayed, vaccinated and microchipped before going into placement.

“Gray became very bitter with the church starting in 2001 when he was transferred to a parish in New Hartford while his mother was dying in New Haven,” according to the affidavit.
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Networking is a big part of being a blogger and I have loved interacting with other likeminded people from bloggers to designers and celebrities

Lace is supremely flattering.According to VF, the kids were accused of stealing $130,000 in clothes and jewelry from both Lohan and Bilson, for example.That doesn’t sound like a promising starting point, but in Burton’s lightsuffused imagination, those fungoid spores acquired a joyous loveliness that sometimes seemed as trippy as the Beach Boys’ Good Vibrations anthem that played out the finale.The point of karaoke isn’t skill, getting the words right or even winning a contest.

In other area Stone Age burials, dog and wolf teeth, as well as mussel shells, have been uncovered in patterns that suggest that corpses were covered with studded blankets, which have long since disintegrated, Friederich said.

Please read Part 2 on hotel dining, Part fake louis vuitton handbags 3 on the Oriental Spa, and Part

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The finale was a perverse twist on the opening, with a suite of pretty shift dresses in the same pastel tones, except these were made of pervy latexAncient tribes contribute numerous accessories and ornaments.


The Mall at Short Hills added another fabulous stiletto resource with the opening of Stuart Weitzman on the upper level near Macy While Weitzman is renowned for his sexy stilettos and evening sandals designs, especially amongst celebrities, the store offers his complete fashion collection including boots, career, flats and weather shoes.
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Leather fabric is highly sturdyplease say that you attempt to get through these pictureless paragraphs.Fashion giants want Aussie crocs in the bag

But some croc farmers say they’re worried fashion houses in France and Italy may dictate the leather’s price and monopolise the market in the future.There are tights available with zips as well.Three thousand lives cut short as a forceps pulls at a struggling fetus arm or leg, a perfect human being in miniature, to a suction nozzle designed to crush a skull and then suck its pulverized brains into a tube.
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ASK A SOLDIER OR A FIREMAN WHO HAS TRIED ONEWe demonized Britney Spears for breaking down publicly.

“It must be such fun,” say my friends.However, there is no doubt that Rob and Kristen got to hang out with Paul while inside the store.The race to win the women will receive the title of “Clever Girl”, but also to get three million bonus.

handcuff him, she said.

Bucket hats are a great stylish cover up for the beach during the hot summer months.Those can’t help evoking the conservatively dressed ladies of Capitol Hill today who work to make women’s issues everyone’s concern.
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Again, legitimate dealers will be happy and proud to offer references, those who refuse to provide them or don’t have any, most likely have something to hide”

Liu Pui Shan said: “Three months from now, is the village Clever Girl Festival She really so good as you say, she will be able to Clever Girl Award wins Clever Girl Festival She really took Clever Girl Award not only proved coach outlet store to me that she told her mother not ONE person, she proved to the whole village she can do, I Liujia marry the daughterinlaw, and no one to make irresponsible remarks, only face.right christmas game City furniture single pieces Paul kingyon duck calls Diy lit tree topper Sexy golpo from india Off color christmas quotes A letter of recommendation Woottons redline classic cars Furry paws layout maker Prime rib butcher diagram Septra ds strep throat Eva ionesco nude pictures Erazno y la chokolata Christmas stocking fireplace screen Great christmas party speeches Groping on trains videos Landform in tropical garden Traditional christmas carols emusic Scott rudin productions internship Kindergarten bar graph worksheets Individual peach pie recipe Ballet slipper ornament crochet Brands of brandy liquor Asus motherboard m2n68la manual Ay papi online read Boys hairstyles long hair Trannies myrtle beach sc Private runescape pickup webclients Dirty blonde one liners Cat sores around chin Sinus pressure hearing loss Christmas carol descant part Sex with japanese moms Art y xmas ecards Cathouse bunny ranch episodes Deactivate greyed out cs4 Trasportes obnibus de dallas Pork poin center cut Does nolvadex increase testosterone Fancy script letter alphabet Tulsa christmas light tours Wire wheels 24 inch Palmieri concepts barrett jackson Online registration farming simulator Farm town designs ideas Substitute fro peppermint sprigs Gambar gadis indonesia telanjang Autopsy photos notorious big Mcdonalds coffee free refill Benton county sheriff washington Lakeview outlet store wisconsin Free ps3 store money Phim ng i lon Free applique alphabet patterns Black bible episode 1 Fdd o christmas tree Clerical speed typing test Indoor window solar candle Runescape firemaking bot download Gift certificate blanks template Baby mario coloring book Fawn blue nose pitbull Hp 259 tire yokohama Prednisone class action lawsuit Helen magnus slash fanfiction Text messaging symbols pictures Craftstar townhomes in clarksburg Green country christmas bartlesville Christmas light displays darwin Printable christmas treasure hunt Midland,michigan christmas lights Gatatumba lyrics spanish tradition Patient info for tricor Lorchs jewelers sorority pin Dale of norway sale Random things to say Evansville christmas lights contest Nurse report sheet templates Free christmas writing prompts Create a wrestler online Crazy questions ask friends Frank fools crow biography Placemats for round tables Christmas shop locations nj P90x nutrition plan recipes Carburetor for ariens snowblower Ebony stained hardwood floors Washer duet v cabrio 3 men one hammer Benton county washington jail Ann coulter s feet Corvette gifts columbus ohio Tampa bay resume service One pot method meth Ez hd tv antenna Black spots onchicken comb Ginuwine greatest hits zip Red voznje novi sad Federal tax document 147c Wendy duffield lovers guide Caracara pemakaian tudung terkini Model castles for sale I miss you analogies Vista christmas desktop themes Fastest shipping euro cigarettes Daughter sneaks into dads Best foam for cushions Dirt devil go kart Viper gts free online Best christmas brunch waikiki Google earth trace cell Watch naylin palin free Freaky things to try Ghurkin pickle tree ornament Cody gifford college usc Calgary alberta white pages Simple snowflake embroidery pattern Flomax drug interactions ciprofloxacin Second grade crct practice Shelled corn for sale American doll outlet atlanta Homemade baby hand ornament Winter assault product key Yerba mate and coumadin Free string art patterns Only nn art models No sew fleece purse Florida traffic court rules Puisi anak bahasa sunda Wing chair covers edmonton Dancing elves christmas ecard Tj cinnamon roll recipe Club aluimium cookware parts Escape room chris3w walkthrough Quotes for hard times French quotes for tattoos Omega vs sigma 7 Stomach surgery games /virtual Acrostic for merry religious Donkey shows tijuana sex Sucking my dogs cock Mom son making out Hacked darkness springs defense Chanel fantasy factory nude Examples of thinning hair Kata kata untuk natal Neck warmer crochet pattern Is ky intense dangerous Allergen free christmas cookies Temporary crown fell off Nailin palin streaming full Free printable cartesian cartoons Christmas songs black artists Crochet collar scarves pattern Son rapes mom porn Free pintable christmas tivia Bitter melon coumadin interaction Spanaway park christmas lights Pitbull kennels in california Grace thorsen nude pictures Homemade christmas present boyfriend Rev.
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One of the photos in particular, features Ben kissing a woman while groping her behind as a cute dog stands byThanks for everything.

Chanel iPad case: The Chanel iPad case is made from soft black quilted lambskin and is priced at $1,555.DGI+1 The quote is from Bill Shankly, legendary manager of Liverpool FC There are a number of his famous quotes much loved by football fans.Recently Herms announced that they would be launching another set of limited edition of saris, as part of their public wooing of the Indian subcontinent, following in the footsteps of various designers including Louis Vuitton and Marc Jacobs who also openly flirted with the Indian consumer through limited collections and targeted advertising.
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More significantly the advances in the telecommunications and computer graphics have made this sport a dry land spectator one, where the chesslike tactics are explained to the landlubbers, and the onboard cameras can show the precision, speed and skill involved in racing these boats to a peak levelSofia Vergara was stunning in black sequins, unapologetically owning her beauty.However, the More .We’ll be able to print food for hungry people.

Koks yra mano gyvenimo būdas ?

Jau nuo seniausių laikų yra išlikę žmonių pėdsakai. Ir jie rodo ne tik istorinę, bet ir psichologinę žmonių raidą. Antikos laikų atstovai itin garbino Dievus, viduramžiais iškėlė riteriškumą bei drąsą, o renesansu – protą ir išmintį. O kuo išsiskiria šių dienų visuomenė? Turbūt sutiksite, jog vienas pagrindinių bruožų, kurio dėka tampame kitokie, yra noras pažinti patį save. Dabar tai lyg vienas svarbiausių gyvenimo tikslų. Tad būtų svarbu paminėti, jog viena iš savęs pažinimo pakopų yra tinkamo bei mėgiamo gyvenimo būdo atradimas.

Susimąstėte, kokie gi tie gyvenimo būdai gali būti? Viskas tikrai nėra taip sudėtinga, kaip gali pasirodyti iš pirmo žvilgsnio. Šį kartą išskirsime du pagrindinius žmonių tipus: aktyvūs bei pasyvūs. Taip pat galime skirstyti ir minėtuosius gyvenimo būdus. Jie yra panašūs savo prigimtimi, nes abu priklauso vienokiam ar kitokiam žmogui. Tačiau turi daug daugiau skirtumų.

Aktyvų gyvenimo būdą propaguojantis žmogus dažniausiai yra veiklus. O šis bruožas gali pasireikšti itin įvairiai. Kartais asmenybės užsiima gausybe veiklų, kartais be perstojo komunikuoja su kitais, o kartkartėmis tiesiog nenustygsta vietoje. Kalbant apie pasyvųjį stilių reikėtų paminėti, jog viskas yra lyg priešingai. Žmogus labiau linkęs į pastovumą, ramybę bei kantrybę.

Svarbiausia tai, jog nei vienas, nei kitas stilius nėra geras ar blogas. Pats šauniausias yra tas, kuris tinkantis ir pasirinktas konkretaus žmogaus. Tik atsižvelgdami į savo individualius poreikius bei norus galime geriau save pažinti bei tobulėti. Tad sėkmės ieškant geriausiai jus atspindinčio ir atskleidžiančio gyvenimo būdo !



Nuo ko geriausia pradėti saviugdą?

Nuo ko prasideda kiekvieno saviugda? Turbūt nuo norų (tikslų) išsikėlimo, įtikėjimo saviugdos galia suteikiančia viltį paversti realybe net pačius slapčiausius norus, glūdinčius giliai giliai mumyse. Čia dažnai padaroma gana opi klaida – išsikeliami didžiuliai, neadekvatūs asmenybei tikslai, kurie po kelių asmeninių krizių priveda prie vilties ir tikėjimo praradimo. Po to seka nusigręžimas, atsižadėjimas saviugdos ir taip gimsta dar vienas ciniškas kritikas…

Kad išvengtume nusigręžimo nuo saviugdos tiesiog būtina įsitikinti saviugdos galia. Kad įsitikintume būtina viltį ir tikėjimą pakeisti žinojimu. Žinojimas ateina per patyrimą. Taigi, mums reikia patirties, tuo pačiu vėl grįžtame prie ankstesnio klausimo, tik jį pakeičiame tikslesniu – nuo ko geriausia pradėti saviugdą? Kartą žiūrėdamas Eben’o Pagan’o vaizdo seminarą išgirdau puikų patarimą šiuo klausimu – pradėkite nuo sveikatos. Eureka! Fantastiškas patarimas. Atsimenu pagalvojau: „O, kad būčiau jį anksčiau išgirdęs…“. Galbūt būčiau patyręs mažiau atkritimų?

Kodėl pradėti nuo sveikatos tikslų? Pateikiu keletą minčių už:

  • Puiki sveikata kritiškai svarbu siekiant bet kokių tikslų.
  • Rezultatai siekiant sveikatos tikslų pasireiškia ypač greitai.
  • Investuodami į sveikatą sulaukiame ilgalaikės, bene didžiausios grąžos gyvenime (geriausia investicija).
  • Kad pagerinti sveikatą  praktiškai nereikia jokių specifinių žinių, užtenka mokėti skaityti, perskaityti keletą knygų ir pasinaudoti pateiktomis instrukcijomis.
  • Net patys mažiausi pokyčiai gali turėti didelį poveikį sveikatos pagerėjimui.

Vis dėlto su sveikatos tikslais taip pat lengva perlenkti, todėl vienu metu – vienas tikslas. Mano patarimas būtų pradėti nuo labai paprastų tikslų – kasdienė mankšta, šokiai, bėgiojimas ir panašiai, nieko ypatingai sunkaus ar sudėtingo. O po to jau galima imtis žalingų įpročių, dienos ritmo susistatymo, valgiaraščio peržiūros. Pasirūpinsi sveikata – sugrįš pirmykštis entuziazmas, energingumas, žvalumas. Kaip be šių gyvybiškai svarbių savybių žadame pasiekti norimų rezultatų? Sveikata niekada nevėlu pradėti rūpintis, o ją praradęs sunkiai susigrąžinsi. Skirkime jai ypatingą prioritetą dar ir dėl tos priežasties jog niekas kitas mūsų sveikata nepasirūpins. Kad gyvenime nereikėtų linkėti sveikatos – pasirūpinkite ja!


gyvenimo vertybes

Gyvenimo vertybės

Tam, kad suprastumėme, kas yra svarbu, o kas ne, turime žinoti, kam skiriame savo gyvenimą. Žinoma, čia nebūna teisingų ar klaidingų atsakymų, kadangi tai labai asmeniškas pasirinkimas, tačiau turėti atsakymą geriau, negu jo išvis nežinoti.

Nereikia vaikščioti ant kaktos užsirašius, kam jūs paskyrėte savo gyvenimą. Greičiau širdyje tyliai nešiotis, kažką kam galite skirti savo dėmesį. Tai kriterijus kuriuo galite įvertinti:

  • kaip man sekasi;
  • ką aš darau;
  • kur link einu;

Kaip patobulinti savo gyvenimą pasirinktoje srityje? Manau vienintelė ilgo ieškojimo ir tyrinėjimo išvada būtų tokia: gyventi kiek įmanoma padoriau, padarant kuo mažiau žalos, ir su kiekvienu sutiktu žmogumi elgtis pagarbiai ir kilniai.

Nereikia apie tai garsiai šaukti ar kam nors pasakoti. Nereikia net to pernelyg tiksliai apgalvoti iki smulkmenų. Užteks paprasto vidinio gyvenimo paskirties konstatavimo. Nuspręskite, kam skiriate savo gyvenimą. Tai labai palengvins visą kita.

sveikas maistas

Kaip paruošti sveiką maistą?

Sveika mityba – tai ne tik mokėjimas išsirinkti sveikatai naudingus produktus, bet ir išmanymas, kaip teisingai juos paruošti. Pavyzdžiui, kaitinamos daržovės gali netekti didelės dalies maistingumo.
Ruošiant patiekalą labai svarbus pasirinktas tinkamas jo paruošimo būdas. Labiausiai paplitęs – kepimas augalinės bei gyvulinės kilmės riebaluose, tačiau tokiu būdu paruoštas maistas ne tik tampa beverčiu, bet dažnai ir kenksmingu. Pirmuoju atveju – kaitinant augalinį aliejų aukštoje temperatūroje susidaro vėžį sukeliantys kenksmingi junginiai, pakartotinai jį kaitinant – dar ir „trans” riebalai, o antruoju – kepant gyvulinės kilmės riebaluose, maistas prisigeria ypatingai blogų „sočiųjų” riebalų.
Todėl ir vienu, ir kitu atveju, net ir iš pačių sveikiausių produktų, netinkamai apdorotas maistas praranda maistinę vertę ir pasidaro žalingas vartojimui, todėl tinkamiausi maisto ruošimo būdai yra virimas garuose ar vandenyje bei kepimas orkaitėje.
Nors privalu paminėti, kad pasitaiko ir išimčių, kada įmanoma tinkamai paruošti maistą kepant augaliniuose riebaluose, tačiau šis apdorojimo būdas pareikalauja papildomų žinių, laiko bei išlaidų.
Produktų apdorojimas mikrobangomis dažnai rekomenduojamas kaip sveika alternatyva, leidžianti sutrumpinti gaminimo laiką. Tačiau jau yra duomenų, kad toks maisto gaminimas lemia dar didesnius maistingųjų medžiagų nuostolius. Tai mokslininkai taip pat ištyrė pasiremdami brokolių pavyzdžiu. Kepti brokoliai netenka 2/3 nuo ligų saugančių flavanoidų, tačiau tai – menkniekis, palyginus su mikrobangų krosnelių sunaikinamais 97 proc. šių maistingųjų medžiagų. Išanalizavus kitų medžiagų nuostolius gauti panašūs rezultatai. Taigi prieita išvados, kad mikrobangų krosnelėje gaminamas ar šildomas maistas sunaikina pačias vertingiausias produkto savybes, tad net maitindamiesi vien pačiu sveikiausiu maistu galime susilpninti savo sveikatą.
Neseniai tyrimais nustatyta, kad verdant brokolius vandenyje 10 min. juose 40 proc. sumažėja gliukozinolatų. Organizme šios medžiagos virsta kitais junginiais, vadinamais izotocianatais, kurie, kaip mano specialistai, turi priešvėžinių savybių. Verdant brokolius 5 min. gliukozinolatų sumažėja tik 15 proc.

Beje, maisto gaminimas ant karšto vandens garų iš produktų atima tik 11 proc. naudingųjų jų savybių. Ankstesniais tyrimais nustatyta, kad verdant brokolius ir špinatus juose esančios folio rūgšties lieka perpus mažiau, o kaitinant daržoves garuose šios nuo širdies ir onkologinių ligų saugančios medžiagos lieka kur kas daugiau.

Taigi sveikiausias maisto ruošimo būdas – daržovių kaitinimas garuose. Ir kuo trumpesnis – tuo geriau.
O kaip tinkamai paruošti mėsą?
Pasirinkti pačią mėsą turbūt nėra sudėtinga – žmonės žino, kad joje turi būti kuo mažiau matomų riebalų, kad nepatartina valgyti odelės. Tačiau dažnai daroma klaida ne mėsą perkant, o ją gaminant. Termiškai paruošta mėsa yra sveikesnė, nes geriau pasisavinami baltymai ir infekcijos pavojus yra kur kas mažesnis. Sveikiausia yra mėsa, kurią gaminant sunaudota mažiausiai riebalų, – virta, troškinta, kepta grilyje ar orkaitėje. Daugiausiai nereikalingų medžiagų pasigamina kepant dideliame riebalų kiekyje.
Nereikia pamiršti, kad skystis, kuriame virė mėsa (mėsos sultinys), – mineralinių medžiagų šaltinis. Jis puikiai tinka sriuboms ir padažams.
Beje, patys sveikiausi produktai – pagaminti „al dente“ (italų virėjai šiuo terminu apibūdina produktus, išvirtus ne per daug minkštai, šiek tiek traškius).
Ir dar:
Kuo daugiau apdorotas maistas, tuo jis turi daugiau kalorijų. Pavyzdžiui, kilogramas grūdų turi apie 1080 kalorijų, o meksikietiškų traškučių − net 5400 kalorijų.
Pasak medikų, netikusi mityba organizmą griauna ne mažiau nei alkoholis. Jie prognozuoja, kad ateityje virškinimo ligų tik daugės. Tikra bomba organizmui tai Lietuvoje sparčiai populiarėjantys „greito maisto“ gaminiai. Valgant daug tokio maisto žmogaus organizme padaugėja kepenų fermentų, o tai reiškia kad kepenys nebesusitvarko su gaunamu krūviu. „Greito maisto“ gaminiai žmogų tukina, o nutukimas tai daugybės ligų priežastis. Nutukusio žmogaus kepenys riebėja, pradeda vystytis uždegiminiai procesai. Nesveikas gyvenimo būdas, valgymas paskubomis gali įtakoti ne tik nutukimą, bet ir vidurių užkietėjimą, alergiją, pilvo skausmus, ir net storosios žarnos vėžį. Pasak medikų, tai trečioji pagal dažnumą vėžio forma pasaulyje.

Atsigręžk į save

Ar kartas nuo karto pastebi žmonių sugebėjimų stoką įžvelgti savo pačių pasikartojančias klaidas, problemines situacijas ir jų sprendimus? Man taip būna per dažnai. Ar šie žmonės tuo suvokimo momentu atrodo kvailesni, labiau išsiblaškę ir mažiau rūpestingi negu tu sau? Jeigu skubi sutikti – neskubėk. Atrodyti gali įvairiai, bet kaip yra nuspręsi vėliau. Dabar atsigręžk į save.

Lengviau yra įžvelgti kitų žmonių klaidas, problemas, manomai sudėtingų situacijų sprendimus nei pačiam susidoroti su savosiomis. Natūraliai iškyla klausimas – kodėl? Kodėl tai yra lengviau su kitais? Mano atsakymas – mes, žvelgdami į kitą asmenį matome jį aiškiau ir objektyviau ir tai yra dėl mūsų perspektyvos. Perspektyva, tai žiūrėjimas į situaciją iš vieno taško, pozicijos. Tai tik viena tam tikro reiškinio interpretacija. Perspektyvų gali būti daug, gali būti ir viena. Kiekvienas turi savo interpretacijas, matymo taškus. Tuo pačiu perspektyvą galime sėkmingai keisti. Teisybės dėlei – ji keičiasi ir savaime.

Turiu du pagrindinius būdus kaip sprendžiu situacijas per perspektyvą. Dažnai pasitaiko atvejų, kai sprendi tam tikrą, rodos, sudėtingą situaciją, „suki“ galvą ir jokio padoraus (tinkamo) sprendimo nepavyksta atrasti. Tuomet viską metu ir pradedu užsiimti visiškai kitais reikalais. Kaip rodo patirtis, po kelių valandų ar kitą dieną, atsakymas tiesiog ateina pats, pakartotinai neprašomas. O kas puikiausia, dažniausiai būna paprastas, aiškus ir tikslus. Kas tuo metu atsitinka? Tik tiek jog pasikeičia perspektyva, pavyksta pamatyti tą pačią situaciją iš kito taško ir dėl to viskas pasidaro aiškiau ir paprasčiau, nes situaciją matome jau iš dviejų pozicijų (ankstesnės ir dabartinės). Mėgstu sakyti, atsitrauk nuo problemos ir sprendimas ateis pats. Šis situacijų sprendimo būdas ypač tinka jei su atsakymu(-ais) galima palaukti.

Kitas būdas – tai įnešti į situaciją daugiau aiškumo ir objektyvumo pasinaudojant kitų žmonių perspektyvomis. Tarkime, iškilo tam tikras finansinis ar sveikatos klausimas (iššūkis) ir dabartinė tavo perspektyva nepateikia norimo atsakymo. Tada pagalvok, ar tavo draugų rate yra žmonių, kompetentingų šiais klausimais. Ką jie darytų tavo situacijoje? Jei nėra, ką tada darytų tavo draugai – Jonas, Petras, Kęstas? Pasikeis tavo perspektyva ir situacija pavyks įvertinti naujai. Vėl bus aiškiau ir paprasčiau. Tai ypač praverčia, kai atsakymų reikia greitu laiku, o pasiklausti nėra kada, belieka, skubiai keisti perspektyvą.

Aš stengiuosi prieš priimdamas kiekvieną svarbesnį sprendimą pasinaudoti perspektyvų galia. Žinoma, visos perspektyvos yra tik dalis pačios situacijos. Nėra galutinai objektyvaus situacijos matymo taško, bet kuo daugiau tų taškų įžvelgiame, tuo objektyvesnė ir lengviau perprantama situacija palieka. Taigi, noriu tavęs paklausti, ar kai sekantį kartą susidursi su situacija, kai tu matysi ir žinosi sprendimą žmogaus situacijai, jis vis dar atrodys kvailesnis dėl nesugebėjimo išspręsti savos situacijos? Ar tai ne trumparegiškumas ir juokimasis iš savęs? Pasinaudok savo perspektyva ir padėk žmonėms spręsti jų problemas, situacijas, o jų perspektyva padės išspręsti tavąsias. Laimi visi. Beje, ar turi savų idealų? Nekalbu apie tuos, kurie danguje, bet apie tuos kurie ant žemės vaikšto. Lengviau ir paprasčiau priiminėti sprendimus pasinaudojant sektinų pavyzdžių perspektyvomis.